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Working With Magic Pad

by Ayano Kimura August 01, 2013

"Magic Pad" is the latest addition to Bling My Thing products that securely holds smartphones to cases simply from its high-quality stickiness and leaves no trace of residue. New cases are being designed to utilize this newly acquired thinness and flexibility.

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By using the adhesive, we are able to make our cases a lot slimmer and weigh even less. No more bulky plastic frame to clamp down the phone.

magic pad 

The Magic Pad is easily washable and can be reused numerous times after cleaning it with water and leaving it to dry for a couple of hours. It's truly amazing that the adhesive is able to hold the phone in place, but it's also incredibly simple to peel off the phone when you need to.

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Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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