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KIKU, Hybrid Case with Bumper, Expression, iPhone 6s Case

The newest injection technology allows a fusion of soft TUP bumper (shock-absorption) and a sheet of ultra-clear polycarbonate with anti-scratch property. The bumper thickness is perfectly optimised to make it the sleekest case with soft bumper in the market. In addition, it has an elegant chrysanthemum floral pattern, which is just visible. You can still see through the iPhone color as the pattern is translucent, like etched-glass.

• Material (back): ultra-clear, flexible* polycarbonate sheet with anti-scratch surface

• Material (bumper): soft, shock-absorbing TPU (opaque)

• Design: Kiku (Chrysanthemum) with matte UV varnish (translucent appearance like etched-glass)

• Easy access to all ports

• Designed for iPhone 6/6s (this products does not include iPhone 6/6s)

!!! The use of FLEXIBLE polycarbonate sheet instead of standard HARD polycarbonate sheet is the newest innovation in the industry !!!

"Why is AYANO Expression cases better than standard TPU (aka soft, jelly, gel) cases?"

We only use TPU for the bumper to offer the best protection. Why dont we use TPU for back? Because TPU tends to get yellow over a certain period of time and it is not pretty. This is why we use polycarbonate, which remains ultra-clear for much longer period of time.

"But there are many hybrid cases! Why are AYANO Expression cases special?"

There have been many cases which are made of TPU bumper and polycarbonate backings. The biggest difference is that the polycarbonate back is injected, i.e. it is hard not flexible. They are more prone to break on impact, especially those super thin cases. Since AYANO Expression cases use flexible polycarbonate sheet, they are more impact resistant.

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