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PAPILLON ᛫ CLEAR ᛫ clip-on hard cover with Swarovski Crystals for iPhone X & XS

Playful Attraction Let the gorgeous crystal butterfly flitter about on your iPhone X/XS! So playful and cute, our Papillon Collection is guaranteed to make you smile every time you look at it.  The beautiful Swarovski butterfly element leaves a fluttering path of tiny crystals across the case. The charming flight of small butterfly is beautifully composed with carefully selected color variations of Swarovski crystals. The eye catching butterfly element and its flittering pattern are truly unique. The ultra-fine textured case, high-impact resistance case help maintain sleek design of your iPhone X./XS

• Case : ultra clear

• Surface: anti-scratch and anti-watermark finish

• with Swarovski® Crystals

• Individual crystal setting for every crystal ensuring excellent hold

• Designed for iPhone X/XS (this products does not include iPhone X/XS)

Angel Tears
Rose Sparkles
Pure Brilliance
Cotton Candy
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